Permanency (Faith in Ones and Zeros)

The concept that some how our earthly ambitions and labours will allow us to continue in the hearts and minds of future generations is pervasive in humanity. Whatever it is that fuels this need for permanency, it is certainlty found in artists, in varying degrees.

Digital Art is particularly susceptible because of the use of binary code. After all how could you destroy mathematics. Theoretically an original print can be produced at any time, in a decade or in a century. Moore's Law for technological advancement assures us that these future prints will be significantly better. In fact evidence does support this.

But before you place your faith in ones and zeros.

Consider the problems we currently face every day; file corruption, compatibility issues, machines with moving parts, and planned obsolescence etc. They expose the vulnerability of producing digital media. This does not address whether Digital's aesthetic will also survive.

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